Today's Rates
Currency We Buy We Sell
USD - US Dollar7.720007.78000
GBP - Pound Sterling10.4500010.58000
EUR - Euro9.280009.41000
CHF - Swiss Franc8.620008.75000
AUD - Australian Dollar5.880006.02000
NZD NEWZLAND5.440005.57000
CAD - Canadian Dollar5.970006.12000
CNY - Chinese Yuan1.170001.22000
JPY - Japanese Yen0.073800.07520
IDR - Indonesian Rupiah0.000540.00059
PHP - Philippine Peso0.160000.17000
SGD - Singapore Dollar5.740005.88000
INR - Indian Rupee0.095000.11200
MOP - Macau Pataca0.800001.00000
Currency rates shown are indicative only. Please contact the nearest branch for current rates.
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